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Chen Chi Furniture Co., Ltd. is a pro leading designer, specialized manufacturer, and qualified exporter of office furniture components, alongside over 100+ patents registered in 6 countries, including Taiwan, USA, Germany, China, Japan, and the UK.

Our major products lines are: 

Profile Of Chen Chi -

Within more than 30 years of experience, Chen Chi has been investing large amounts of resources into office seating components, research, and development. The results make Chen Chi obtain numerous product patents, and the efforts make the Chen Chi products marvelous in terms of performance, reliability, and affordability.

Chen Chi’s strength lies in product and component development, customized services, and quality control services. 

To design future solutions for today's needs and to deliver the new concept of office furniture keep Chen Chi working on product developments and innovations.

Plus, our rapid prototype techniques allow us to quickly transfer new product concepts into business strategies for our customers. Our various patented innovations and continuous efforts on product developments have provided and created the values to our customers for marketing competitions and user's performances.

Customized Services -
Chen Chi’s skilled product research has the capability to work closely with the customers to design prototype, test, and manufacture new products. We have professional engineers with many years of experience who are capable of quickly responding to customers’ inquiries in designing and manufacturing for OEM and ODM requirements.
Quality Control Services -

''Quality'' has always been taken care of in every stage of the manufacturing processes. We have quality assurance methods in place to ensure our products to comply with customer specifications, such as BIFMA standards before they are shipped out. In addition, our products are tested by a recognizable SGS laboratory accredited by international accreditation bodies. The quality certifications we have verified that our products are met or exceeded the certified performance level.

One Year Guarantee -you have our word -

To each purchased item that Chen Chi had delivered. Chen Chi has an absolute responsibility as we overall inspected in a row of production procedures alongside materials selecting, plastic molding injection, punching, coating, assembly, etc. before delivery. Moreover, Chen Chi discreetly adopts competent and skilled vendors, reflecting out that Chen Chi is confident to express out “you can rest your mind by choosing us with no worries but trustworthiness”. Quality Assurance is overall From Top To Toe.

The Prospects Of Chen Chi -

Our goal is to provide comfort, convenience, and serviceability to an office environment. We believe High Quality, Product Innovation, Reliability, And Customer Satisfaction are the keys to our success. We warmly welcome you to become one of the business partners and friends. We believe we can do our best in long-term cooperation with our all customers to get win-win development!!!

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